Peter De Natris

Houthera Pty Ltd

Peter’s major current role is as a Strategic Adviser to the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA). His focus is on early childhood and early intervention for NDIS participants.

In his current role he is focusing on key areas of Scheme Design and Approach which recognise the shift from the current program based systems to an Insurance scheme based on markets that need to be developed and supported so that best practice can be enabled and continuous improvement encouraged.

He also works with many young people with permanent disability encouraging them to focus on employment and economic activity in their early adult lives to increase their independence and provide options to how they can live their lives beyond specialist services.

Peter has worked in, around and with all levels of Government on policy and strategy to improve outcomes for people with disability in employment. Driven by a passion to see the Australian commitment to economic independence of people with disability and the potential of these people realised, he recognises the potential of the NDIS as a key enabler for PWD.

Peter has a Masters in Public Policy and Teaching, he worked extensively in Victoria and NSW Governments in various senior executive roles focusing on community inclusion and improved employment outcomes for people with a permanent disability.