There are many myths about the future of work and the impact of technology on jobs. The jobs we do are set to change as are the skills we will need to do them. Today’s jobs are increasingly likely to require you to use your head rather than your hands. What will be the impact of this?
Improvements in future living standards rely on continued gains in productivity, and that means fostering creativity and innovation in the workplace. In his presentation, Luke Condon will discuss these future trends in employment and how technology is not a substitute for people. Instead, it has the potential to make workforces more productive. For example, where new technologies do take effect, they generally create as many jobs as they reduce.
Luke will also discuss some of the myths about robots, casual jobs and skills required for future jobs. What will be the job current of the future? Why do today’s jobs require us to use our heads, rather than our hands? He will also explore what new developments are happening in the labour market and how businesses and governments can make better choices about our work, our workers, and our workplaces over the next 10 years.

Luke Condon

Deloitte Access Economics

Luke works with government clients to design and improve investments in programs and services, so they maximise benefit to the community. To do this, he uses the tools of program evaluation and economic analysis. His main clients are public sector agencies responsible for social service delivery including health and human services and justice. This has included policy and evaluation projects relating to people with a disability and disability services, such as:
• A Job Well Done stakeholder consultation to refresh work experience resources for students with a disability for the Victorian Department of Education and Training
• NDIS justice readiness project for the Department of Justice and Regulation Victoria to develop a new model for disability justice services in Victoria
• Evaluation of support for deaf and hard of hearing VET learners for the Victorian Department of Education and Training
• Disability employment research for the Fair Work Ombudsman
• Cost benefit analysis and literature review of the First Voice early intervention model for deaf children for First Voice.

Luke joined Deloitte in 2013 from a niche consulting firm and prior to that originally commenced his career in the public sector.

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