In this powerful keynote presentation Ben Gauntlett, the AHRC Disability Discrimination Commissioner, will address a critical concept in contemporary disability policy: why and how Australian disability policy is shifting inexorably to a person-centred, choice and control model with the onus on providers to rise to the new policy settings.

The Commissioner, guided by his responsibilities, insights, experience and wisdom will explore how engaging choice and control and a person-centred approach will enhance disability employment provider’s service, quality and outcomes. This significant idea is only in its infancy as common practice but it underlies improving disability services and employment outcomes for people with disability. Catia Malaquias, the 2018 AHRC Tony Fitzgerald Memorial Community Individual Award winner, will facilitate this important session, conducting a searching Q&A with Ben as well as taking questions from delegates. Come prepared to be challenged and to challenge!

Dr Ben Gauntlett

Disability Discrimination Commissioner
Australian Human Rights Commission

Ben Gauntlett commenced his term as Disability Discrimination Commissioner on May 7, 2019.
Ben is a quadriplegic following a schoolboy rugby union accident aged 16 in Perth, Western Australia. He has the experience of a person living with a disability and accessing care in Australia (Western Australia, Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory), the United Kingdom and the United States of America. He will be a participant in the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Cátia Malaquias

Lawyer, Board Director and Founder
Starting with Julius

Cátia Malaquias is a lawyer, board director and award-winning human rights and inclusion advocate.

Cátia is the founder of Starting With Julius, a non-profit organisation working to ensure the inclusive representation of people with disabilities in advertising and media, and has worked with organisations including Target, Kmart, ANZ, NAB, ABC Children's Television and Northern Pictures.

Cátia is also a co- founder of All Means All – The Australian Alliance for Inclusive Education, a multi-stakeholder organisation advocating for the right of students with disabilities to an inclusive education. She also sits on the boards of Down Syndrome Australia and the Attitude Foundation.

In 2018, Cátia won the Tony Fitzgerald Memorial Human Rights Award and the AFR Women of Influence Award for Diversity and Inclusion. Cátia also won a 2017 National Disability Award.

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