People with intellectual disability (ID) and more broadly with a permanent impairment, face many barriers and hurdles to engaging in the workforce. They experience significant disincentives through policy, system and program complexity and bias that does not adjust to their unique profiles and needs. Understanding these bias and barriers allows service providers to remove and mitigate them and turn them into key challenges for you and your customers.

Inclusion Australia understands the importance of focusing on key transition stages of life for a person with an ID, specifically, post school and early adulthood. Services that understand the unique considerations for people with an ID, focus on life skills and building confidence and capability through holistic wrap around services are key aspects to DES engaging successfully with the potential client group. This workshop session will explore the current evidence, look at strategies to overcome challenges and engage in ways that people with ID become more focused on work as a key feature of their improved lives in Australia society.

Peter De Natris

Houthera Pty Ltd

Peter’s major current role is as a Strategic Adviser to the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA). His focus is on early childhood and early intervention for NDIS participants.

In his current role he is focusing on key areas of Scheme Design and Approach which recognise the shift from the current program based systems to an Insurance scheme based on markets that need to be developed and supported so that best practice can be enabled and continuous improvement encouraged.

He also works with many young people with permanent disability encouraging them to focus on employment and economic activity in their early adult lives to increase their independence and provide options to how they can live their lives beyond specialist services.

Peter has worked in, around and with all levels of Government on policy and strategy to improve outcomes for people with disability in employment. Driven by a passion to see the Australian commitment to economic independence of people with disability and the potential of these people realised, he recognises the potential of the NDIS as a key enabler for PWD.

Peter has a Masters in Public Policy and Teaching, he worked extensively in Victoria and NSW Governments in various senior executive roles focusing on community inclusion and improved employment outcomes for people with a permanent disability.

David Petherick

Deputy CEO

David started work with VALID in 2017 and is the Deputy CEO and through that role he is also involved with Inclusion Australia and the Disability Advocacy Network of Australia (DANA). He is excited about being a part of the great work that these organisations do and he is continuing to learn from everyone in the disability advocacy community. He has worked in the disability sector for over 25 years.

Before he started with VALID David worked with the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) for 20 months at their National Office in Geelong, mostly working on projects to increase employment opportunities for people with disability.

David was also the CEO of the Australian Camps Association and People Outdoors for almost 10 years until 2015 and during that time he saw the great benefits that building resilience can provide for all of us.

David also worked for 8 years at the Office of the Public Advocate and before that he was CEO of the Barwon Disability Resource Council in Geelong.

David barracks for the Richmond Tigers and loves long distance, multi-day hiking and golf.

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