People with difference are known to have to work harder, for longer just to get a foot in the door in open employment. Those of us working in this industry know that the nature of living with a disability requires a person to build resilience and are in many cases more resilient than their typical counterparts. The world's most robust and scientifically validated Resilience Assessment and training framework is called The Adversity Quotient. Using their years of expertise in delivering innovative solutions to the Disability Employment Sector, Jo Marshall and her team have developed a sector specific toolbox that has the potential to greatly impact upon the early attention paid to people with a disability seeking employment. Candidates will be able to provide employers with a scientifically validated picture of their resilience levels. And those who still have a little work to do... .there's support for them too!

Jo Marshall

Founder and CEO
Culturise and The Difference Collective

Jo has been leading teams across a range of industries for over 20 years. During the past 10 years her increasing focus and body of knowledge around diversity and inclusion has seen her become a thought leader in creation of open employment for people with difference. At the hear of her work she educates both employers and DES providers in innovative approaches to the creation of job pathways resulting in real long term results. She has created community based employment pathways, including an award winning programme to create employment pathways through community sporting clubs. Jo identifies strongly with the concept that a strong culture must be diverse, inclusive and resilient. Her ground breaking work led to being selected as the exclusive Australian partner to the world's most scientifically validated assessment and training framework in resilience. She shapes cultures across all business channels based on this unique and powerful combination.

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