We will unpack Lifeback Trackers 4 Steps to Better Mind Health, that when followed can significantly put one in as better place to confront life challenges.
In this condensed, 30 minute session participants will learn how to effectively integrate steps of TALKING, EXERCISE, AVOIDING ALCOHOL and SLEEP to better one’s life, and learn of the importance of early intervention when their own health is at risk.

Anthony Hart

Hart Wellbeing Pty Ltd

Anthony Hart is a successful entrepreneur and company director, recently building an eight store PETstock group within the major Australian pet retailer PETstock. In early 2018, he decided to focus 100% of his inspiring passion on developing suicide prevention tools, based on his personal experience.
On 7 November 2003 while in Sydney, Anthony was privately battling anxiety and depression. He was sleep-deprived, on anti-depressants and subsequently made a significant attempt on his life. A stroke of luck saw him survive. Anthony now shares his experience as a professional speaker, with a life-changing, powerful story of how he rebuilt his life and is now in a position to share remarkable lessons with people in need. During his recovery, he put together four steps to better mind health. Today, Anthony is on a mission sharing his powerful story of hope, recovery and arduous rehabilitation, to improve the mind health of all Australians.

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