The Future of Work is Human but what exactly does this mean to you, your teams and your clients? In this session we will dive into the Institute for the Future’s 10 Skills for the Future of Work in particular those that are uniquely human, understand why the technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution create demand for these skills, and the skills payoff for organisations and workers alike. We will then highlight how this shift has the potential to create new opportunities for labour market participation for all. To bring this together we profile a case study transition to work program in the US where job seekers undertake learning programs in uniquely human skills.

The Future Work Skills Academy is an initiative of BMI and was founded by Donna Eiby in 2016. Donna combines 19 years of working with the disability employment sector and 3 years of research and development in training in uniquely human skills to offer sector-specific insights into the Future of Work.

Donna Eiby

Creative Director
The Future Work Skills Academy

Donna works at the IoE – the Intersection of Everything and the Future of Work.
She started her professional life as an educator and this theme runs through her entire journey so far. Along the way she became interested in industrial law and human capital transformation. 25 years consulting in organisational transformation primarily in tech and working on billion-dollar projects added another addiction to a growing list. Her experience spans the verticals of maritime, defence, financial services, employment and disability employment , pharmaceuticals , transport, human services, ticketing. Just to name a few.
She loves to learn and has a number of undergraduate and post graduate degrees the latest in innovation, strategy, entrepreneurship and creativity. She recently extended her academic passion into a PhD with a research focus on the intention of employers to train their workforce in uniquely human skills.
The Future of Work is a complex, atomized topic and she leverages her Fellowship of the Royal Society, participation in developing the first Future of Work Diploma in Latin America, and membership of research trials globally to connect with organisations and individuals who inhabit this space.
She is the Founder and Creative Director of the Future Work Skills Academy. A global, agile, adaptive coalition of experts in those skills identified by the Institute for the Future as necessary for humans to feel engaged, deliver value and find purpose as a number of significant, accelerating factors conspire to radically disrupt work as we know it. The organisation’s primary focus is building agency in these skills; in unlocking human potential that has largely been ignored in the past 2 centuries of industrial education and learning. This venture has necessitated Donna gaining a deeper understanding of neuroscience, learning science and the frontier technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution that converge with skills building in ways never before imagined. And it is these topics she weaves into her foresights about humans and the future of work.

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