It is well established in the literature that length of unemployment is negatively related with mental health, well being, and the speed of returning to sustainable work. That is, longer-term unemployed people are at greater risk of developing mental health issues, reduced well being, and consequently it becomes more challenging to return to work. If we are to provide evidence-based targeted intervention to mitigate length of unemployment and enrich the lives of those living with a disability, we must strategically prioritise data analysis and responsively consider the results to ensure best practice. Ability Options have collaborated with Back2Work Health Specialists to analyse the demographic data of 3,863 job seekers from the DES caseload to identify the relationship between specific cohort demographic data and length of unemployment. This proactive and evidence-based approach to maintaining their understanding of their caseload has informed a number of recommendations that will ensure innovation, collaboration, and informed service provision to support job seekers with disabilities to improve their well being and independence through meaningful employment. This approach not only informs intervention and service provision at the site level, but enables research that informs the larger sector to ensure we demonstrate our commitment to lead in this space.

Simon Fairall

General Manager
Ability Options Olympus Solutions

Simon Fairall has a BA DipED from Macquarie University. He has 20 years’ experience leading employment programs. He is currently part of the Ability Options leadership team and reports directly to the CEO. He is responsible for high level strategy, governance, reporting, performance management and outcomes.

Martin Rowley

General Manager
Ability Options Olympus Solutions

Martin Rowley is the General Manager of DES services with over 10 years experience. Martin is passionate about providing excellent outcomes for customers and stakeholders by providing a person-centred approach.

Dr Kylie Henderson

Managing Director
The Better Health Generation

Dr Kylie Henderson is a clinical psychologist, Founder and Managing Director of The Better Health Generation Australia & UK. The Better Health Generation comprises the brands Back2Work, Care2, Me & Work, Assessment2, Your Health+ and Aim2Work UK. Back2Work is Australia’s leading provider of psychological, physical and medical health care services for job seekers, Employment Service Providers and Disability Employment Services providers.
Dr Henderson has more than 20 years experience in the employment services industry and APS having worked for large, national employment services providers overseeing their health and employment programs. She holds a Doctorate of Clinical Psychology, is an Adjunct Research Fellow at the University of Southern Queensland and full member of the APS Clinical College. She is an Associate of the APA & BPS, a fellow of the Institute of Employability Professionals (UK) and a graduate of Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD).

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