One year after the Australian Government introduced reforms designed to help more people with disability find employment through DES, it’s time to consider how well the program is delivering on its promises. Is greater competition working? Are participants exercising greater choice, and what does that mean? Are new funding arrangements ensuring that all job seekers get the support they need?

The Department of Social Services administers DES and has been reviewing the changes that have occurred since the reforms were introduced to DES. George Sotiropoulos, Group Manager of Disability, Employment and Carers Group, will join the Branch Manager responsible for DES, Stewart Thomas, WA State Manager, Tanya George, and Director, DES Data and Performance, Luat Vuong in a joint question and answer panel discussion with Disability Employment Australia.

Rick Kane

Disability Employment Australia

George Sotiropoulos

Group Manager, Disability, Employment & Carers Group
Department of Social Services (DSS)

Stewart Thomas

DES Branch Manager
Department of Social Services (DSS)

Tanya George

State Manager WA
Department of Social Services (DSS)

Luat Vuong

Director, DES Data and Performance
Department of Social Services (DSS)

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