DSS has responsibility for disability employment policy that includes but also goes beyond DES, ADEs and the NDIS. The future of disability employment therefore is a key subject for DSS policymakers as well as our sector and a broad and growing range of stakeholders.
George Sotiropoulos, the DSS Disability, Employment and Carers Group Manager, will present reflections on disability employment beyond DES. Just what is required to improve service, delivery and outcomes? How do we reduce the 30 point gap in workforce participation between people with disability and people without disability? Are we responding appropriately to the main levers (supply, demand, awareness, attitudes, evidence-based best practice and government leadership)? Rick Kane will join George following his presentation to give a view from the sector and then ask some exploratory questions of George’s presentation. Delegates are encouraged to raise questions.

George Sotiropoulos

Group Manager, Disability, Employment & Carers Group
Department of Social Services (DSS)

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