Dr Ann Nevile

Honorary Associate Professor
Australian National University

Ann Nevile is a social policy researcher at the Centre for Social Research and Methods, the Australian National University. Ann has spent the last twenty years talking to non-government service providers in Australia and the UK about what they do and the impact of funding and performance management frameworks on their work and on outcomes for clients. Employment, particularly disability employment, has been a focus of Ann’s research through two Australian Research Council Linkage projects in partnership with DEA, NDA, Jobs Australia and the Brotherhood of St Laurence. Ann is currently involved in research projects looking at the implementation of the NDIS and the introduction of risk responsive regulation of community housing, disability support and care and protection services in the ACT.

Jenny Crosbie

PhD Student
Swinburne University

Jenny has over 30 years experience working with people with disabilities in a variety of roles including 10 years in disability employment and transition from school programs. She is currently a PhD student at Deakin University studying the experience of young people with intellectual disability in relation to economic participation.

Stefanie Dimov

Project Manager
University of Melbourne

Stefanie Dimov is the project manager on the Improving Disability Employment Study (IDES) and the Youth Employment Study (YES) conducted at the University of Melbourne. She has been working within the Disability and Health Unit for over two years, working closely with employment service providers, youth employment program providers and disability advocates in the field. Stefanie has a multi-disciplinary background in psychology and public health and extensive experience in project management. She has a strong interest in health and wellbeing in the context of disability and employment and her recent work aims to provide evidence that will inform policy and service delivery within the disability sector.

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