Jocelyn will discuss the challenges and her personal experience of re-entering the workforce from the development of Cord as a volunteer and her employment with AT Chat as a project engagement manager. Jocelyn is also the co-founder of corporate health company called ‘Body Smart’. In her presentation, Jocelyn will share perspectives on the following:
The impact of assistive technology and how it can assist a person to pursue employment
The benefits in employing people with disabilities (PWD)
How AT Chat has built capacity for employment of PWD both now and in the future
Jocelyn will also discuss the origins of Cord which is a ‘grass-roots fundraiser for spinal cord injury and a collective of artists who collaborate to create an art auction in Perth like no other’.

Jocelyn Franciscus

Occupational Therapist, AT Chat Engagement Officer, Founder/Director.

Jocelyn Franciscus is an Occupational Therapist and Founder/Director of Cord, an organisation which raises funds to provide people with spinal cord injuries life-improving technology and equipment. She is a founding team member and current project officer of AT Chat: a peer-to-peer assistive technology information and mentoring platform.
Jocelyn has a lived experience with disability and recently received the inaugural AFDO Award for her workshop at the 2018 Australian Assistive Technology Conference on Co-designing Assistive Technology and Support.

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