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  • The new guidelines: impacts of latest changes
  • Program assurance
  • The new DES performance framework
  • Outcomes, quality service and participant expectations
  • Targeted compliance framework
  • Attracting participants – the untapped referral pool – where and how?
  • Impacts of the DES funding level tool
  • Choice and control and empowering participants
  • Innovation and working effectively in a competitive market model
  • Engaging frontline staff: Person-centered approach, employer engagement and community
  • Innovate practices in working with employers
  • Working with large employers
  • Marketing and branding in your community
  • Building disability employer confidence
  • Challenging perspectives: how the employer, jobseeker, provider can better walk the talk
  • Marketing of DES services to employers–what works?
  • Provider collaboration and employer engagement
  • Supports to connect young people to the workforce that are evidence-based, innovative, capacity building and outcomes-focused
  • The role of School Leaver Employment Supports and proposed Youth Employment Supports
  • Improving NDIS employment supports:
    1. Understanding barriers to employment throughout a participant’s life
    2. Exploring opportunities with participants, families and the sector
    3. Planning the right supports that lead to more confident entry to work
    4. Focusing on older participants re-joining, entering or leaving the workforce
  • How does the future of disability employment fit within the larger future of work policy
  • Programs vs. individual supports
  • Collaboration is not a dirty word
  • Jobactive reforms and people with disability
  • Where can/does employment fit in the national mental health reforms?
  • The role of state, territory and local government in disability employment
  • Training as the pathway to improved employment opportunities
  • Are we ready to talk careers rather than 52 week outcomes?
  • The role of research: The sector as a leader or follower

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