Imagine a world where DES participants had choice and control over their service literally in the palm of their hand.
A world where employers, community partners, participants and service providers are always connected and interacting to build the service and obtain the outcome that the participant wants.
That world is right here, right now with currently available technology.
The adoption of this technology will profoundly change Disability Employment Services.
In this presentation Marc Washbourne will take you through the intersection of new technologies, the new economy and new modes of employment, giving you a guide to the development of a response to a rapidly changing world.

Marc Washbourne


Marc Washbourne is a tech entrepreneur and CEO of JobReady.
A former software developer, Marc combines his technical expertise and background with a strategic approach to modern, cloud-based delivery of business management systems in Vocational Education and Training (VET) and Employment Services.

Marc is highly passionate about Australian VET and Employment Services and works tirelessly to deliver better technology and productivity to the sectors. Marc is committed to bringing simplicity to complex business requirements and bridging the gap between business and technology

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