It is well known that the Individual Placement and Support (IPS) model is the most effective model for assisting individuals with severe and persistent mental illness to obtain employment. What is not known is whether this model is financially viable within the Disability Employment Services program. This presentation outlines the results of a research study that was conducted to assess the effectiveness and financial viability of this model within three ORS Employment Solution sites in NSW.

Dr Vanessa Parletta

Chief Operations Officer
The ORS Group

Dr Vanessa Parletta has 15 years' experience working in employment services and workplace rehabilitation and is the Chief Operations Officer for ORS Employment Solutions. Vanessa has a Doctorate in Business Administration, a Masters in Social Science (Criminology), a Masters in Business Administration (HR) and a Bachelor of Honours in Psychology. Vanessa's doctoral thesis involved the implementation and evaluation of an enhanced Individual Placement and Support program (IPS) within Disability Employment Services (DES). Vanessa has since co-authored two journal articles with Dr Geoffrey Waghorn on the outcomes of this research.

Anthea Smith

General Manager - Psychological Services
The ORS Group

Anthea Smith is the General Manager of Psychological Services at the ORS Group. Anthea has 17 years’ experience as a psychologist and holds a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology. Anthea has worked in the Employment Services area for the past 11 years and prior to this has worked in private practice and community mental health. Anthea has extensive experience in implementing Individual Placement and Support (IPS) programs within DES and working in Enhanced Intersectoral Link (EIL) partnerships with Government Mental Health Services.

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