DES Grant Application is about to start in earnest! Before the application pack hits inboxes across the country, Alicia Weiderman will take us through some last-minute tips on how to increase your chances on delivering a successful DES bid.

Alicia Weiderman

Ingersoll Consulting

Alicia is the Director of Ingersoll Consulting, a Brisbane-based consulting firm who are focussed on supporting service providers and government to connect and deliver quality services to client and communities.

Alicia has a strong belief in the power of work to change the lives of people. Working in Government related services for over 15 years, her focus has been on creating opportunities for individuals to connect with employers. In Government, she been responsible for the development and implementation of various program and policies, participated in a number of significant procurement exercises, managed national consultation processes and engaged widely with communities, industry groups and employers. Working outside Government, she has assisted organisations undertake programme delivery reviews, supported successful procurement processes and developed placed based strategies focused on improving services at the ground level.

Alicia has a strong interest in advancing opportunities for Indigenous Australians and women, and one day hopes to run a marathon.

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