Anthony Hart

Hart Wellbeing

Anthony Hart is a passionate social entrepreneur, advocate for good mental health and a man on a mission to shift the narrative around mental health in Australia. It was an ironic 'fall to freedom' in 2003 that forever altered Anthony's destiny. As a 28-year-old wearing all of the masks of a highflying corporate job, not even Anthony himself could have predicted he would actively choose to walk off a 21 storey building in the heart of Sydney city, yet that is exactly what happened. Depression had silently yet cunningly led him to death's door. In a twist of fate, Anthony's life was saved when he landed on a balcony 11 floors down and while there is no denying the gruelling journey that lay ahead of him in order to find good health again, it was in this moment that Anthony's life purpose emerged. There was hope and a new life began.

Anthony is a man of integrity who has literally walked the edges of mental health crises via his own lived experience. This has enabled him the depth of emotional intelligence to truly understand and unpack the masks that veil our ability to acknowledge the impact of depression in our lives.

Today, along with Anthony’s work as a social entrepreneur and mental health ambassador, he is also a success in business. He has been part of building an eight store PETstock franchise group with his brother Nick and father Jeff within Australia’s leading pet retailer PETstock. This experience has given him valuable insight into what it takes to drive a profitable business that is built upon a foundation of high performance as a result of nurturing a mentally healthy organisational culture. Your business is a brain, and removing the masks of mental health matters to the health of your business.

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