For boards, chief executive officers and executives, the move to the customer-driven, competitive marketplace is a radical departure from the known disability industry context, in which they and their organisations were perfectly adapted.
Planning and executing a strategic transformation of one’s organisation, a re-engineering of the business model and a reinvention of the culture is a very significant and complex project that many leaders have never undertaken, but need to undertake.
Coming to grips with the realities and practicalities of such a project can be daunting, to say the least.
Join Michael Goldsworthy, Principal Consultant, Australian Strategic Services for an engaging, intensely practical and interactive session focused on Future Proofing Your Organisation
…The Realities & Practicalities Of Transforming Your Organisation, Re-engineering Your Business Model and Reinventing Your Culture.
This Session will enable you to:
• consider the strategic and organisational impacts and implications, ideas and opportunities of the new customer-driven, competitive marketplace
• understand how boards, chief executive officers and executives are addressing the eight strategic challenges of the new customer-driven, competitive marketplace
• reflect on the project processes, documents and tools required to design, plan and successfully execute your own strategic organisational transformation project.

Michael Goldsworthy

Managing Director and Principal Consultant
Australian Strategic Services

A visionary, a strategist, a big picture thinker, Michael is widely known and acknowledged throughout Australia by directors, CEOs and executives of community businesses (NFPs) for his unique facilitation processes, his comprehensive understanding of the emerging and future trends of disability, mental health, aged care, hospital and health care, and related human service industries/sectors.
Examples of Michael’s specialisation and key achievements are:
• Continually focused on the big shifts and exploring the emerging opportunities that aren’t yet on directors, chief executive officers and executives’ agendas, but ought to be
• Facilitation, development and project management of governance, strategy, business development, amalgamation, merger and partnership projects
• Worked with over 6,000 boards, chief executive officers and senior management teams of community businesses, in all states of Australia over the last 26 years
• Approximately sixty to sixty-five per cent of projects are with stand-alone organisations, in particular in rural, regional and remote Australia
• Originally qualifying in disability, he has a comprehensive understanding of disability and has worked with a significant number of disability, disability employment, mental health and related organisations.

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