This year, Disability Employment Australia has been developing a collection of employer stories from our members. Sharlie has been travelling out to small, medium and large employers to hear first-hand their experience of DES and what their thoughts are on hiring people with disability. While we know that employer engagement is crucial not only to the success of the new program, but also to lifting the overall workforce participation rates of people with disability, it is often not clear what the best engagement strategies are. This presentation will explore:
• Common themes between diverse employers
• Employers who are paving the way
• Unexpected results of engagement
• Just who is the employer engagement expert?

Sharlie Wise

Communications Officer
Disability Employment Australia

Sharlie has a strong social justice background, particularly in the field of child rights and advocacy, and has experience working with NGOs in Kenya, Uganda and Australia. She is committed to advocacy and raising awareness about human rights issues.
She is passionate about the not-for-profit sector and has worked in communications and research in this field for the past 10 years. As a graphic designer, Sharlie is dedicated to using her love of creativity and visual sociology to explore issues and challenge mindsets.
Along with design, Sharlie has a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Sociology, and a Master of Social Science in International Development.

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