Esher House has been working with jobseekers with a disability across Australia, the UK and USA for the last few years. This has led to a wealth of data on participant attitudes, and behavioural insights into what makes them tick.

This presentation will provide you with an academically-evidenced understanding of:
- how to retain participant caseloads and gain more through word of mouth
- the single most effective intervention to maximise SUSTAINED employment outcomes
- how "disruptive" technologies are actually having the opposite effect to those predicted
- the differences between US, UK and Australian DES participants
- what prescriptive analytics and data mining tells us about the future of interventions and policy
- what are the eroders and drivers of your employees' wellbeing

This no-nonsense talk will help to provide a platform for success for DES executives, managers, case managers and participants alike.

Dr David Rosete

Chief Behavioural Scientist
Esher House Pty Ltd

From senior roles at the Australian Bureau of Statistics and ATO, to GM at an RTO, Dr David Rosete now brings his data analytic, behavioural science and practical application knowledge to bear in the Disability Employment space.

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