How can the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme help people with disabilities into self employment? This presentation will provide a detailed explanation of the NEIS (New Enterprise Incentive Scheme) including some major changes that were brought in at the start of 2017 to make the program more accessible to people with disabilities. The presentation will cover the length and breadth of the NEIS program including the use of examples to highlight its strength in helping people from all backgrounds into self employment. Attendees will be able to input into the development of a service delivery model that meets the specific needs of people with disability.

Arie Moses

National NEIS Association

Arie has over 20 years of business start-up experience having worked closely with small business owners from all walks of life helping them start and grow their business. Arie is well aware of the needs, demands and stresses that starting a business places on individuals having started and run 2 businesses over a 15 year period. Arie has been the Chairperson of the National NEIS Association for the past 6 years and works closely with both Government and Ministers in ensuring that the NEIS program evolves and meets the needs of Australian business start-ups no matter who wants to start a business

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