How can a DES provider better engage with employers and improve employment outcomes? Jo will highlight proven strategies at improving employer engagement for DES provider and ultimately improving job outcome rates. The session will examine employer perspectives on employing people with disability, how to bust myths, selling the story, employer confidence and how to talk to effectively talk to employers. Jo will relay her direct experience in changing employer attitudes and the importance of positive engagement.
Jo will also discuss her latest project, the Difference Collective. This is aimed at employers that would ‘love to do more’ but think it might be too hard, too risky, to costly or time consuming to employ people with disability. The project is aimed at connecting employers in South Australia and sharing stories about work experience, work education and how they have brought diversity to their businesses.

Jo Marshall

Executive Diversity Mentor
Culturise and the Difference Collective

Jo Marshall has over 20 years’ experience in leadership across a variety of sectors. A commitment to diversity has been core to her success as a line manager of teams of up to 200 people. Jo brings to our sector a strong and credible message that Diversity is NOT Charity and that diversity and inclusion is not only good for teams, but drives more successful commercial outcomes as well. She has proven practical tips for employers and providers on how to make disability employment really work in organisations and will share those insights as she participates with our expert panel to discuss this.

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